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Wed Dec 31, 2014, 6:59 AM


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fave Pokemon generation 

6 deviants said Gen 3
6 deviants said Gen 4
4 deviants said Gen 1
4 deviants said Gen2
2 deviants said Gen 6
No deviants said Gen 5
I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this...
but, the trailer didn't seem as appealing to me, as the FNaF 2 trailer did.
I think it's because it was short and not much was shown, like new mechanics, new animatronics, the location and how many cameras would be there, but that's just me.
though, something's telling me that Scott did this on purpose, since it is, after all, a TEASER trailer, so he didn't show much to keep the fans wanting more.
the only new things that were sown, were the new animatronic that's now been dubbed by fans as "Golden Bonnie" as well as what the Office is gonna look like in the game as well.
if that's the case, then Scott may be releasing a second trailer at some point in the future to show a bit more of the game.
then again, he did keep some things secret in both trailers for the first and second games.
in the first trailer, Bonnie was shown running down the hallway, which as we all know, is what Foxy does in the actual game, and who didn't show up in the trailer?
same goes for the trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
we didn't see what was in the location of CAM 11 until the game, which was revealed to be the Prize Corner and where the Puppet resided. much like Foxy, the Puppet wasn't shown either.
we didn't see Toy Chica but I figure Scott left her out by accident.
even though we saw a glimpse of BB in the trailer we didn't know if he was an animatronic or not.
or if the camera showing BB was an accident on Scott's part. y'know, he might've wanted to keep Balloon Boy a secret from the public like he did with Foxy and The Puppet until the game's release.
we didn't know the game was a prequel until the end of the game where we received our check, with it dated 11-13-1987,
we all thought the red signal meant that Foxy was coming whenever it bleeped, only for it to actually mean that the Music Box has ended and the Puppet was starting to peek out.

so yeah, if this is what Scott planned, and I'm pretty sure it is since he's a mad genius, then I'm quite surprised.
what do you guys think? let me know in the comments.

that's pretty much all I wanted to say.
Yubel198, out!
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Lindsay Rohrbaugh
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
name: Lindsay/Yubel198

nickname: Yubel, Yu-chan (given by Gaia798), Yubel-chan (given by xxnintendorkxx), Yub, Linds, Yubby (given by Lugiaskr) Yu-yu, (given by squeaken1)

DOB: march 11th 1995.

age: 19

likes: drawing, reading manga, watching cartoons/anime, Paul, BMNC, Pokemon, Keroro Gunso, Naruto, the othersiders, Zane, Fiori-party, boys ^^;, Yaoi, Jeff Dunham, OHSHC, YouTube, Victorious, Pansears, cute Pokemon, Black Butler, GHI, Spy vs. Spy, Music, Hetalia, Litwicks, Yamasks, America, Mountain Dew, Smosh, GOD I HAVE SO MANY!

dislikes: BMNC haters, haters, Raaage, Tamaki Suoh, Angol Mois, Silver, Chazz Princeton, Atticus Rhodes, Renge, The Zuka club (THEY MUST DIE!), orochimaru, YT being a bitch, video stealers, getting screwed over, and Tsunade in a bad mood.

fears: snakes, spiders, the dark, meeting new people, ghosts, death, Mr. Popo, and the creepy grudge ghost girl in the mirror video on YT.

favorite sayings:
I'm not short, I'm fun-sized!
:la: (yes, it counts as a saying)
I don't get it.
shows what you know!
sweet mother of Veilstone,
oh. my. arceus.
sweet son of a bitch!
I'm fine with being stupid! (Hareta line)

icons that tell what mood I'm in:
:iconkururuplz:-I'm happy
:icononionemocornerplz:-I need help
:iconkururuohmygodplz:-I'm confused
:iconsighingedwardplz:-I'm annoyed
:iconwtfboomplz: I'm shocked
:iconalpha-leader:-I'm crazy (major duh!)
:iconlaplz:-I'm feeling good
:iconpatrickplz:-I'm surprised

BFFs on DA: :iconwarped-dragonfly: :icongaia798: :iconanimeyaoiotaku: :iconiaerin: :icondeidarawantstodance: :iconchaoticpuffins: :iconmaxe1000000: :iconanimecreator100: :iconlugiaskr: :iconmudstar-of-oceanclan: :iconhondjes: :iconijuju: :iconsearchman1: :iconchoco-latte-squirrel: :iconnathandrawsstuff: :iconlittlebardofhope: :iconawsum-sawse: :iconpeanutbutterntoast: :iconanimewuvergeku: :iconcometstarandgirara: :iconneobro555: :iconmdramt: :iconcreeperpopo742: :iconrinxroll: :iconrainbowkandikorn22: :iconrisenwarrior:

people I know in real life: :iconashketchum19: :iconlittlebardofhope: :iconcreeperpopo742: :iconneobro555:

favorite artists: :iconbloomacnchez: :iconfiori-party: :iconstrongseanmann: :iconanimeyaoiotaku: :iconanimecreator100: :iconwarped-dragonfly: :iconsephirex: :iconsmosh:

favorite pairings:
Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, Ikarishipping, Clingyshipping, Comashipping, Wishfulshipping, Flavesentshipping, NaruHina, KeroTama, TamaHaru, Ferriswheelshipping, DualRivalShipping, NatsuSabu, FuyuMomo, CielxSebastian, Krillinx18, BulamxVegeta, HikaKao, KyoRen, HunnyMori, Mossshipping, CurtainShipping BlackSpyxWhiteSpy USUK, LietPol, Franada, RoChu, GiriPan, AusHun, GerIta, ChibitaliaxHRE IAnthony (I DON'T CARE ID IT'S NOT REAL! I DON'T GIVE A FIRETRUCK!)

pairings I dislike:
AdvanceShipping, PearlShipping, NegaiShipping, ColdCoffeeShipping, Penguinshipping, Rivalshipping, ChessShipping, NaruSaku, HikaHaru, HaruRen, KeroMoi(NO WAY IN HELL SEMPAI!!!!!!)

fan pairings I support: sparkshipping (me and animecreator100) shinx101xSilver, bloomacnchezxKururu, punkshipping (Warped-DragonflyxPaul) confidenceshipping (AnimeYaoiOtakuxBarry), fiori-partyxItachi, ChaoticPuffinsxTamaki, LittleBardOfHopexKyoya, yotacoexMudStar-of-OceanClan, ThatsJustShowbizxToastersToastToast, icamerashipping (searchman1xTrip) Britishgirl2012xOwen coalshipping (FlarieexRoark)

DA family:
mother: :iconliongirl2289:
boyfriend: :iconanimecreator100: (major duh)
sisters: :icontenh13:, :iconchaoticpuffins:, :iconmudstar-of-oceanclan:, :iconchoco-latte-squirrel:, :iconbritishgirl2012: :iconsketchingintherain: :iconlime-rai: :iconcreeperpopo742: <- my sister in real life
brothers: :icondeidarawantstodance:, :iconmaxe1000000: :iconawsum-sawse: :iconrarityluver214: :iconrisenwarrior:
Bro in law: :iconyotacoe:
cousins: :iconashketchum19:

my boys:
Paul (Pokemon DP)
N (Pokemon BW)
Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Zane Truesdale (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Saburo Mutsumi (Keroro Gunso)
Edward Elric (FMA)
Double D (EEnE) (what? you thought this would be all anime boys?)
Hunny (OHSHC)
White Spy (SVS)
Black Spy (SVS) (yes, I like both spies)
Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)
Gohan (DBZ)
Kenny McCormick (South Park)
Owen (Total Drama)
Philly Phil (Class of 3000) (I loved that show back in middle school!)
Patrick Star (SpongeBob Squarepants)
Finn (adventure Time)
Mordecai (Regular Show)
Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
America (Hetalia: World series)
Prussia (Hetalia)
Grell Sutcliffe (Black Butler)
Kyoya (OHSHC)

my girls:
Maylene (Pokemon DP)
Georgia (Pokemon BW)
Haruhi Fujioka (OHSHC)
Lady In Grey (SVS)
Bubbles (PPG)
AppleJack (MLP FIM)
Angel (Lilo and Stitch)
Izzy (Total Drama)
Rosa (Pokemon Black2 and White2)
Mey-Rin (Black Butler)

favorite anime characters:
Pokemon: Paul, Roark, Reggie, Barry, (I can NOT believe I'm saying this) Trip, Aaron, Saturn, Kenny, Chili, Cress, Cilan, Cheren, and N :drool: (SINNOH HAD ALL THE HOT GUYS!!!!!! WOO! :dummy:)
Yu-Gi-Oh! original/GX/5Ds: Seto Kaiba, Zane Truesdale, Jesse Anderson, and Yusei Fudo.
Bakugan BB/NV/GI: Shun, Masquerade, Lync, Hydron, and Ren.
Naruto: Neji, Gaara, Itachi, Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke, Konkuro, and Shikamaru.
Keroro Gunso: Tamama, Saburo, Keroro, Fuyuki, Kururu, Dororo, and (gomennasai for this) Angol Mois. (that was painful)
FullMetal Alchemist: Edward, Alphonse, Winry, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Maes Hughes, and Alex Armstrong.
Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi, Hunny, Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru, Kyoya, Renge, Ronka and Tamaki.
Hamtaro: Bijou, Penelope, Pashmina, Boss, Snoozer, Sandy, Panda, Cappy, and (of course) Hamtaro.

my look's long since changed. my hair got highlighted and layered. the highlights are blonde highlights so please add them into pics. FYI, I also got new glasses, which kinda look like Cherens, except they're pink, so, please draw my glasses like Cherens.
you don't like it, then do as Walter says and :iconwalterplz:

Current Residence: Twinleaf Town
deviantWEAR sizing preference: MYOB
Print preference: uh...
Favourite genre of music: pop, rock, rap-rock, and anime music
Favourite photographer: BMNC
Favourite style of art: Anime, and chibi
Operating System: wut?
MP3 player of choice: WALKMAN
Shell of choice: Achmed the dead terrorist
Wallpaper of choice: Edward Elric as "tough shrimp"
Skin of choice: what the hell?
Favourite cartoon character: White Spy, Prussia, Kyoya, and Grell
Personal Quote: you don't like it, then do as Walter says and shut the hell up.


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